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Moonvalley and Billerud launch revolutionary paper packaging at Reitan Convenience in Sweden.

Moonvalley and Billerud launch revolutionary paper packaging at Reitan Convenience in Sweden.


Every year, eleven million tons of plastic waste leak into the world's lakes and oceans, causing enormous damage to ecosystems and animals. Additionally, plastic production and incineration in Sweden contribute to up to 10% of the country's territorial greenhouse gas emissions1. By switching from plastic packaging to more sustainable paper packaging for their Raspberry and Cocoa Chocolate-Dipped Protein Bars, Moonvalley takes another significant step in producing sustainable products that engage consumers in the value of a circular economy.

"The new packaging material from Billerud is revolutionary for a market that has only had plastic and metal as previous alternatives. As this is barrier paper, it can be sorted in paper recycling and is thus much more sustainable than other packaging in this segment," explains Johan Björkman, Moonvalley CEO.

Billerud Recyclable Flow Wrap is an innovative packaging solution based on renewable and recyclable wood fibers from sustainably managed forests. The paper, which is already available today, is just one example of Billerud's drive to develop sustainable packaging solutions for a better future and to facilitate conscious and sustainable choices for consumers.

The packaging material enables a transition from plastic to paper packaging, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions during the production stage. Initial internal calculations indicate that CO2 emissions are reduced by nearly half with Billerud Recyclable Flow Wrap compared to plastic packaging2.

"At Billerud, we develop packaging materials that challenge conventional packaging for a more sustainable future. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to now, together with Moonvalley, develop packaging for their products that reduce the climate impact and the use of plastic," says Radka Peterson, Sustainability Manager at Billerud.

The Chocolate-Dipped Protein Bars with the new paper packaging will be available at all 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån stores, as well as online, starting from 21 August.

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About Moonvalley

 Moonvalley is a Swedish brand, created by three female endurance athletes, offering healthy snack products and sports nutrition made from plant-based, organic ingredients without sweeteners, palm oil, or unnecessary additives.



1Naturvårdsverket, WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature

2 Based on an internal calculation of a similar paper type and barrier coating.

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