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Final races of the summer!

Final races of the summer!

August, you lovely little summer month!

Emelie here writing, it´s pouring rain outside and I just finished a heat training on the treadmill inside. Now sipping a cold recovery drink and enjoying writing this letter to you.

It feels like the summer just flew by, I had some good races, and some went very bad. I learnt a lot from it, and also from some physiology tests I have been doing. I got the result that my Achilles is the heat! No brainer though, living and thriving in the cold. But I always want to improve my weaknesses so I´m eager to explore how the heat training can help.

Mimmi´s knee is starting to get better, and I´m so proud of her how she has been handling this injury, very clever and steady recovery. I know she has been enjoying long bike rides and just spending time in the mountains foraging berries, walking, and camping. Nature heals.

Ida just did something impressive, when she won Ultra vasan! A 90 km flat and fast train race in Sweden, where she got lost with a group of the lead men for 15 minutes, then chased down all the women and WON. She has also spent a lot of time in the Chamonix valley and soon is ready to start CCC.

CCC is also my next race, a 100 km race with 6000 meters of climbing.

Wish us luck! For me it almost feels impossible to run that far again, after 5 years of not running any longer distances.


I wish you a lovely end of the summer, and I hope to meet some of you in Chamonix!


Emelie & the Moonvalley Team ❤️

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