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The Perfect Energy Bar

Being professional athletes, the three of us have chewed on our fair share of energy bars and can say without a doubt that all energy bars are not created equal.

Our Organic Energy Bars are the result of us asking the simple question, “what would our dream bar taste like?”

The combination of Organic Oats and Organic Dates sets the stage for a great tasting bar packed with carbs and a delightful sweetness.

For us that’s the perfect bar for long days in the mountains but also a great snack before training or with coffee.

Available in five amazing flavors!

Organic Energy Bars
idanilsson mimmikotka emelieforsberg

Founders and world class athletes

We’re three Swedes – Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson & Mimmi Kotka – pro athletes, competing in and winning some of the best trail and mountain races on the planet. We’re also passionate food lovers.

We can thank running for bringing us together. And the quintessential Swedish outdoor upbringing for instilling us a healthy dose of adventure, admiration for nature and a love of getting dirt under our fingernails foraging, planting and digging.

It didn’t take long for it to dawn on us that we shared the same dream – make sports nutrition products with real, organic ingredients that taste amazing.

Moonvalley is not just a brand, it’s a place that two of us – Ida & Emelie – are lucky to call home. It’s also a small-scale, fully functioning farm deep in the heart of Norway’s highlands. And that’s not all, we’d go as far as saying Moonvalley is our well of inspiration, our guiding northern light.

Ida, Mimmi, Emelie

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