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Ambassador Achievements, UTMB Prep, and Cold Plunges

Ambassador Achievements, UTMB Prep, and Cold Plunges

Mimmi here! Summer has arrived and we hope you get to enjoy it.

At Moonvalley we are heading into a hectic period, 5 (!) of us are doing races during the UTMB week in Chamonix, France. This is the biggest ultra-running festival in the world with thousands of trail runners gathering in Chamonix, France to enjoy the last days of summer and take on huge physical challenges. Emelie is going for the speedy and very competitive 100K sister race, CCC, and Ida will do whatever her body feels comfortable with (as she is recovering from her 100 mile adventure in California, Western states Endurance Run). Also our CEO Johan and advisors Hans and Sofia are taking on monumental challenges with long distances and elevation changes. Unfortunately, I will be recovering from a knee injury and will not be running in UTMB this year. Instead I'll be cheering on my amazing colleagues! We are also going to be present at the UTMB exhibition all week. So if you are in Chamonix please stop by, taste our products, and hang out!

This summer our ambassadors have also given us some fantastic inspiration. In June, Stian Angermund won the 45K distance at the Trail World Championships! He is always bringing his A-game and is one of the best trail runners in the world every year. Congratulations Stian!
Another superhuman effort came from our firecracker of ambassador Hillary Gerardi who set a new women's fastest known time for an ascent and descent of Mont Blanc (4,809) in 7 hours 25 minutes and 28 seconds. The previous record was actually held by Emilie Forsberg, who set a time of 7 hours 53 minutes and 12 seconds in 2018. Even cooler is that she was paced by females. To me this stands out as one of the most impressive endurance feats in history. I felt honored being there to congratulate Hillary as she returned to the church square of Chamonix.
So we are spoiled with inspiration here at Moonvalley, and enjoying the summer! Summer brings wonderful outdoor activities such as long trail runs, hiking, biking and last but not least, some cold plunges in ice cold mountain streams. When temperatures hit their peak, a summer day wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing cold plunge. Cold plunges are a Scandinavian tradition and we do them to cleanse the body and rejuvenate the soul. I am a huge fan, temperatures of cold mountain streams can drop as low as 3°C. As cooling as invigorating, this makes my summer. 

Take care, hydrate, enjoy nature, take a cold plunge, and enjoy your summer!

With love,
Mimmi & the Moonvalley Team ❤️
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