Our Story

Our Mission
To live a sustainable, fulfilling and adventurous life – and in tune, with nature, our bodies & souls.

From the Nordic mountains with love.

Emelie Forsberg

Why We Do What We Do
Moonvalley’s philosophy isn’t complicated – make amazing products we want to eat ourselves.

It really is as simple as that.

Another thing that’s simple is what we make our products from – real organic wholefood. Our list of ingredients doesn’t require a masters degree in molecular nutrition to understand (although Mimmi, one of our founders, has one of those. More on her, Ida and Emelie – our trio of world class athletes from Sweden with a not-so-lagom* obsession with all things outdoors, healthy and sustainable later.)

For now, know this – at Moonvalley we like keeping it real – real food, real tasty, real nutritious.

Earth. Plant. Food.

*Lagom – [lahːgum]: A great Swedish word which can be best translated to ‘not too much, not too little’.

Lagom is the sweet-spot for most things…except organic free-trade chocolate, then all bets are off.

Ida Nilsson

The Founders
We’re three Swedes – Emelie, Ida & Mimmi – who, as well as being three passionate food lovers, are also pro athletes, competing in and winning some of the best trail and mountain races on the planet.

We can thank running for bringing us together and the quintessential Swedish outdoor upbringing (you could say we’re friluftsliv* fanatics) for instilling each of us with a healthy dose of adventure, admiration for nature and a love of getting dirt under our fingernails foraging, planting and digging.

Even though our journeys to becoming professional trail runners are very different, once we found each other it didn’t take long for it to dawn on us that we shared the same dream – make sports nutrition products with real, organic ingredients that taste amazing.

Moonvalley is not just a brand, it’s a place that two of us – Ida & Emelie – are lucky enough to call home. It’s also a small-scale, fully functioning farm deep in the heart of Norway’s highlands.

And that’s not all, we’d go as far as saying Moonvalley is our well of inspiration, our guiding northern light. If you’d like to know more about each of us, be sure to sign up to our newsletter!

*Friluftsliv – [freeːluftsːleave]: Literally translates to free-air life, friluftsliv is deeply engrained in Swedish culture. Us Swedes figured out long ago that getting out into nature enriches mind, body and soul. The best things in life are fri’ you know?

Mimmi Kotka