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Emelies plant based journey - part 2

Emelies plant based journey - part 2

During my pregnancies I got a lot of questions about eating plant based, and I did what felt good for me. As an athlete I took and continue taking blood tests every now and then to keep track on my levels, so that assured me that my levels were good. What I believe to be the most important during pregnancy is to supplements with B 12 and folic acid, but it this might change from person to person. So, if you are plant based I´m sure your doctor will check you up on this. If not, make sure to ask them to do so. 

Before pregnancy I always had normal values in vitamin B and iron, so I assumed that pre pregnancy it would bounce back, but that was not the case. So, a big take away for me, and looking back it feels obvious. Growing two babies takes a lot from your body, especially a “building” component like the different kinds of vitamin B.

Plant based is what I am and probably always will be, but organic and local cheese and yoghurt is something I eat along with eggs from time to time. 

I believe in making food from scratch, like beans, lentils, and not too much processed food like premade plant-based options. It´s very tempting but I don´t think that it is as nutritious as the pure ingredients. I think many are afraid that it can be time-consuming, but when you get into it with a routine, I'd say that it isn’t! If you have some sauces and cold dips that you enjoy, it´s very yummy to just eat the boiled beans/lentils with different spices along with that. It is very quick to make, especially if you make big batches when you boil the beans/lentils.

I also received many questions about how to be a healthy vegetarian. I think this goes back to the fact that the first steps into plant based can be these kinds of premade veggie balls, sausages, and the list is never ending these days. I can understand that this is a way to go for many, as it´s an easy way to change from the meat option. 

So, here are my tips and tricks if you are thinking about becoming more plant based:

• Just try! Buy beans and lentils to boil, use in different stews, curries, salads, make hummus, smoothies, or just eat them as they are!
• Think “clean” food, not too much premade stuff, as the nutritional value is not as good as if you make it yourself.
• It does not need to be fancy or time-consuming, only if it interests you!
• If you don’t eat eggs, and dairy products, supplement vitamin B.
• Check your blood levels every now and then!
• If you like to bake, add beans in the bread and in the cakes you make. More nutritious!


Emelie pregnant in front of mountains

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