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About Moonvalley

Moonvalley – a real place and a functioning farm we call home.

We didn't just make up the rather cool name 'Moonvalley' because we wanted our brand to sound soulful, outdoorsy and a bit hippyish. Don't get us wrong, we're crazy about all those things...but Moonvalley is actually a real place with real people and a real functioning farm.

Imagine the most typical Norwegian landscape you can dream up... Let us guess, rugged snowcapped mountains disappearing into deep blue shimmering fjords? Good job, you pretty much just pictured 'Måndalen' to give it its proper Norwegian name. If you travel down the road until you can't go any further you'll come to Moonvalley Farm – our home. This old place was originally a dairy farm and now that we're here the old cattle trails that zig-zag the cliffs are our playground where we run and roam and a place where our wild sheep (4 and counting) are free to explore, eat the algae and keep us company because we don't have too many neighbors around these parts.

We live a pretty simple existence here, one where the seasons decide how much time we spend outside, how often we fika*, what we grow and eat and how we train. You know, mother nature knows best — she's been around a lot longer than the rest of us.

So we reap the rewards during the long summer days. Our veggie patches thrive, fruit literally falls from the trees into our waiting hands and bushes are bursting with berries. It's made us truly understand the phrase 'make hay while the sun shines'...and, trust us, we get busy. The Arctic winter, on the other hand, is the time when the tempo slows down. Our well-stocked root cellar keeps us going and frozen berries and fruits mean we can give the exotic imports the cold shoulder. We love both times...embrace the contrasts and the contrasts will embrace you. So if you're ever up this way, feel free to load up on berries and, who knows, our paths could cross on the trails above Moonvalley.

*Fika [fiːka]: Not to be confused with a standard coffee-break – fika is completely different. Yes, it involves strong coffee and a cake but it goes beyond, way beyond, the physical items. Fika is a state-of-mind, a way of life...the key to understanding the universe (possibly)

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Moonvalley – a great small company

Moonvalley's philosophy isn't complicated – make amazing products we want to eat ourselves. It really is as simple as that. Another thing that's simple is what we make our products from – real organic wholefood. Our list of ingredients doesn't require a masters degree in molecular nutrition to understand (although Mimmi, one of our founders, has one of those. More on her, Ida and Emelie – our trio of world-class athletes from Sweden with a not-so-lagom* obsession with all things outdoors, healthy and sustainable at our founders 

For now, know this – at Moonvalley we like keeping it real – real food, real tasty, real nutritious.


*Lagom – [lahːgum]: A great Swedish word which can be best translated to 'not too much, not too little'. Lagom is the sweet-spot for most things...except organic free-trade chocolate, then all bets are off.

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