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Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Ida here! I hope that you all started to feel some spring in the air and are enjoying the longer, lighter days. My favorite things with the spring are to have longer evenings before it gets dark, seeing the first spring flowers, and to hear the birds singing. It’s still very good ski conditions in Norway, but now the nice middle season is soon here when it’s possible to both ski and run in a day. That is my favorite training period because I can do both of the activities I enjoy in training.
I have been traveling a lot the last months and a half and this week I finally landed at home again for the rest of the spring which feels so good. This is the time of year I enjoy extra to spend time in the home mountains and see nature change from winter to spring. My week has mostly consisted of skiing, a few road and dirt road runs, and this past weekend a local skimo race in beautiful sunny weather and light powder snow.

We at Moonvalley started a new program which we call Moonvalley's Acts of Kindness. It’s a program where we each month want to help and inspire one of our Newsletter subscribers in their chosen topic regarding health, training and fitness. On Friday we will randomly select a winner among the subscribers and we will reach out to the chosen one to find out their wishes and needs. We have experts in different topics depending on the subscribers wishes and needs. To learn more about the program click here.
We are excited to soon have some very tasty new products coming out soon. It’s an upgraded protein bar, extra luxury chocolate dipped. Think something that tastes like the yummiest candy bar, but contains plenty of protein and only wholesome, healthy, organic ingredients. You can’t go wrong and I can almost promise it will be your favorite snack or “fika” treat to a coffee or tea.

Happy Spring!
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