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How the time flies, almost four years already!

How the time flies, almost four years already!

In a couple of weeks Moonvalley celebrate four years! This is big! I, Emelie writing, remember so well the excitement when we took the decision to try start our very own energy company!

The three of us have had the interest in cooking, nutrition, nature and in general the curiosity to live a holistic way so to create yummy snacks and sports nutrition that we know are good for us! We wanted the ingredients be stuff that you can find in your kitchen. We want it to be real.
And now, four years later, we are so proud to have the products we already created, it does take time to find the exact amount of everything, to bake it together to the best version of a flavor for a bar.
And our very berry sports drink! I love it so much. I am very happy to be a part of the creation of this product! Just the good amount of salt and sugar and with real berry powder. Perfect during or after training or just as hydration drink.

Well ok, I will stop bragging and get back to this blog post! This is our very first blog post and this will be a fun way to communicate a little more with all of you. 

Autumn is really here and I love watching the season change into more colors, less hours of sun and colder temperatures. I often try to slow down for some weeks during the autumn, to restore energy and save up for the upcoming winter training that starts fully in a few weeks.
I try to make time to make order in the house, sort summer gear and clothes, spend more time in the kitchen, trying new recipes and bake some more bread.

This is a recipe of the Swedish "tunnbröd" (flatbread) it’s so yummy. I sometimes make it on my iron pan on the fire stove for the extra little touch, but on a normal stove it works well too!




1200 gram fine rye flour
1 tsp bakers ammonia
180 gram sugar (coconut sugar, maple syrup any seet you prefer works )
1 tbls bread spices (mix of fennikel, anis and cumin)
100 gram butter (I use plant based or a neautral coconut oil)
1000 gram milk 
25 gram yeast
1 spoon salt


Step 1
Warm the milk and melt the butter, stir it together.

Step 2
Add the yeast and sugar/ maple syrup, stir it together.

Step 3
Add the flour, salt spices and ammonia, knead the dough and let it rise for 1 hour.

Step 4
Then make 20 buns and let them rest for 20 minutes.
After you use a rolling pin to make it thin, and a patterned bread pin for the texture of the bread. If you don't have one, a fork works!

Step 5
Fry in a dry pan until the bread has color!


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