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A Good Morning

A Good Morning

I am a morning person, and I happily wake up at 5. If I get my 8 hours so to say. And now when it’s autumn I feel that an extra 30 minute does not hurt the slightest. Some mornings this autumn, when it’s pouring rain outside I just want to stay inside with the lightened candle, the fire in the fireplace and the coffee in my hand. 

I look out the window and I see the hail and the wind that is making the fjord outside a white inferno. But I know that it’s just to put on the shoes and get going, as every step will make it feel better.  So I switch my PJ to tights, and put on a rain jacket over my warm t-shirt, I lace up the shoes, call on Maui (our 35 kg big Doodle) to join me. We head out and I focus on Mauis joy to run. It’s amazing to have a four legged friend who never ever complain about a run. Step by step I start to enjoy the movement, the instant feeling of waking up the mind, the body and the soul.

This is a very good start of the day and I know that the more I do this, the more of a routine it becomes, the easier it will be. 

Even though I’m a full-time athlete and I got more time to train than anyone with another kind of full-time job, I sometimes need to prioritize these mornings as the day ahead is full of other things. Like this week, a photo shooting with a partner. And to make these early morning trainings set the tone of the day. On the weekends I often do this kind of training and got the whole day with our girls!

Well I´m not ashamed to admit that it’s many mornings I really want to skip it. Just use the 40 minutes I wold have used on the run, to simply just be sleeping a little extra, or as mentioned zip another cup of coffee. And I believe that sometimes we need to pamper ourselves to do that too, but then it does not come from the lazy comfy version of you, then I think it should be that you probably just need it. It’s sometimes hard to know when, but in general I think the run, most times, gives more energy! If negative thoughts comes about the upcoming run, I think that this run is an investment in my training ( or health). 

To make it easier to get out from the door I always:

  • Lay out my running clothes the evening before, swell as put the shoes and the headlamp in order so it’s easy to get going.
  • Prep the coffee the night before so it’s just to put it on.
  • Give myself 20 minutes from waking up to get out from the door!

If negative thoughts comes about the upcoming run, I think that this run is an investment in my training ( or health). 

Because do we ever regret a training?

who did a jog in the cold dark morning and now is on for the second training of the day when the sun is high!


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