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Christmas Calender Competition with Ultra Trail Queens & Moonvalley

Are you ready for a Christmas challenge?

Join the Christmas Calender competition with Tina and Helen from @ultratrailqueens and Moonvalley, which basically means running all the dates until the 24th of December in kilometers.

We will provide you with a ”Julkalender” to download and every evening at 9 pm we will let you know what our plans are for the following day. Either you copy us or you pick your own number.
You can choose to print or download, edit and save on your phone/computer.
How to compete:
1. (Optional) Download the calender here >>
2. Join the Strava group: ”Moonvalley” here >>
4. Follow @ultratrailqueens and on Instagram.
5. Choose between three options:
- The full running calender, all 300k’s.
- The half calender, 150 k’s.
- Biking: twice the distance every day.
6. Start running on the 1st of December. Choose your distance or follow our plan.
7. Logg all your runs with a watch or app.
8. It is allowed to split the daily distance in sessions. But you cannot transfer any k’s to another day.
9. Upload on Strava or post a picture of the summary on your insta and tag
10. Keep going untill the 24th of december🎅🏼
11. If you complete the whole distance you will enter the lottery for three X-mas gifts. 

There will be totally three winners. The winners will be presented on both and @ultratrailqueens instagram and will be choosen after the competition has run out. 
The winners price has a value of 100 €.

Best of luck!

/Tina & Helen from Ultra Trail Queens and Moonvalley Team

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