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Icebug Xperience – A Unique Race in Stunning Scenery


Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail is a trail running and hiking race along the breathtaking scenery of Bohuslän. With the sea as a backdrop, you can choose to run or hike along granite cliffs, coastal trails, leafy forests, meadows, and shorelines. 

Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail takes place from September 2nd to 4th 2023, starting from Hunnebostrand, passing through Ramsvik, Smögen, Kungshamn, and ending at the beautiful Bohus-Malmön. 

The race covers a total distance of approximately 74 km, which means you will cover between 20-30 km each day in varied terrain along existing coastal trails and hiking paths. 

Someone who knows everything about Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail is the multisport athlete and our Moonvalley Ambassador, Ida Enstedt, who has participated in the race several times. We asked Ida what one should consider before the race and what makes Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail so special.


What is so special about Icebug Xperience?
What I like most about Icebug Xperience is undoubtedly the unique and beautiful environment and the opportunity to recharge every night before a new adventure. You have time to get to know your fellow participants and start the day by asking how they're doing and encouraging each other, as the challenge is equally demanding for everyone. Experiencing a new course every day shifts the focus from the hard work, and each finish line becomes unique. The variety in the surroundings, including forests, meadows, bridge openings, ferry crossings, beaches, and cliffs. It’s something I haven't experienced anywhere else. The environment is fantastic! 

What should one consider before the race and how to prepare mentally? 
I've always had a clear plan to manage all three days. If I push myself too hard on the first day, the following days become much tougher. It's important to conserve energy. Additionally, I always try to prepare different outfits in bright colors. It might sound a bit strange, but vibrant colors make me run more beautifully, smile bigger when passing the camera, and remember the race is a running celebration! 

How can one best prepare for Icebug Xperience and what to keep in mind during the race? 
Icebug Xperience is a special challenge as it spans three days. Therefore, I run many long-distance sessions beforehand to acclimate my tendons and joints to prolonged activity. I also train a lot on uphill sections to prepare my body for the elevation gains. In the week leading up to the race, I also eat more food than usual. During the race, it's important to maintain energy levels throughout the weekend by replenishing with both food and extra carbohydrates. I always have some energy-rich bars and sports drinks ready in my backpack. That way, I know I always have quick energy to consume at different checkpoints, but also if I need extra replenishment if the races become tougher than planned. 

How do Moonvalley products help before, during, and after the race? 
A running backpack with all your favorite Moonvalley products is invaluable during the races. That way, I always have access to the Oats & Dates snacks whenever cravings strike. Moonvalley's Oats & Dates Bars come in so many different flavors that it's easy to grab a bite as a snack during the race. But also afterwards when the body needs recovery. My favorites are Cardamom and Apple Cinnamon, but sometimes I crave something fruitier, and then I choose Lemon Ginger. My sports bottle is always filled with Moonvalley's Apple Sports Drink because it feels refreshing and provides extra energy replenishment when the race becomes tougher than planned. The Sports Drink is perfect to have in a soft bottle in the running backpack. 

Ida Enstedt,
Multi-Sport Athlete 

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