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November - A Beautiful Month

November - A Beautiful Month

Emelie here, writing to you about this darker month. Growing up in the north I have always had these darker and colder months of the year, so I´m used to them. Going from 24 hours of sun to just a few hours of light is a big change, and the motivation and inspiration can easily decrease. These last few years I have had the urge to make them feel brighter. 
I light all the candles in the morning and evening. I brew a lot of tea. I work towards a routine of yoga, being more present, and not spending time online wasting time. I try to rest more, and if possible go out when the sun is shining!
 Life at home is very calm and restorative at the moment. The in-between racing season is a needed state. The garden is winter-prepared, the sheep have moved down to the fjord field where they have their house and extra grass, and this week the sun disappeared from the farm. My girls Maj and Ylva-Li have learnt to skate on frozen lakes so the whole family has spent a lot of time on ice.
I have had a few very easy weeks, and now I´m in the training bubble again, mostly chasing hours!
Ida and Mimmi are in the Himalayas and have been running the Manaslu trail race - it looked stunning! You can check out their photos on Instagram! Now they are exploring Khumbu Valley, a place I also love and have spent quite a lot of time at.
Lastly, I want to wish you a lovely start to the winter months!
 Emelie ❤️
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