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Why Moonvalley is Skipping Black Friday

Why Moonvalley is Skipping Black Friday

Commitment to Sustainability Extends Beyond Black Friday

As we approach the holiday season, we find ourselves reflecting on our mission and vision here at Moonvalley. Our commitment to providing organic, plant-based, and truly nutritional foods and supplements from unrefined and sustainable sources is driven by a desire to contribute to increased knowledge and consciousness about the benefits of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

In light of this commitment, we have made the conscious decision not to participate in Black Friday this year. While many brands use sale periods as a way to manage stock levels, we recognize that the environmental impact of Black Friday goes beyond the typical sales events.
No Black Friday

The Environmental Toll of Black Friday

Online shopping, especially during Black Friday, can result in higher emissions due to the energy required to run warehouses and the emissions from home delivery. Last year's Black Friday week alone saw an estimated 1.2 million tons of CO2 released from trucks transporting goods around Europe—a staggering 94% increase compared to an average week.1
Many of us love to get a bargain, and to get a discount on an item or product that you really need is great but Black Friday is a concept that encourages consumerism and leads to a big waste,” says Emelie Forsberg, co-founder of Moonvalley.

A Pledge to Fair Prices and Eco-Friendly Choices

While we acknowledge that regular sale periods are not without flaws, we strive to strike a balance between offering fair prices and avoiding excessive consumption.
We understand that our action alone may not create a significant impact, but we believe it is crucial to take a stand against systematic and large-scale discounting. By taking a stand, we hope to contribute to a broader awareness of the issues at hand and inspire positive change.
Thank you for your continued support on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future. ♻️
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