The Perfect Moonvalley bundle - SVENSKA

The Perfect Moonvalley bundle - SVENSKA

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Looking for a present for someone you love or perhaps a treat for yourself? We have the perfect solution for you! 

The Perfect Moonvalley bundle is a selection of our goodies, perfect for those cold cozy winter days. And perhaps the best of all, when all the coffee, tea and chocolate is eaten you (or whoever you give the present to) will have the full year ahead to read and dive in to the different chapters in the Moonvalley Diaries. 

The bundle includes one piece of each of the following goodies: 

  • Dagbok från Moonvalley (Swedish version) 
  • Organic Ground Coffee 
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Pure Organic Chocolate Love - 85% 
  • Pure Organic Chocolate Raspberry Love - 85%

About Dagbok från Moonvalley 

Join Emelie, Ida and Mimmi for a year in Moonvalley, the beautiful valley on the west coast of Norway where they train, live and recover.

In this book, the Moonvalley founders have selflessly shared their feelings, thoughts and activities for each month of the year - all in effort to feel good, both inside and out. The training and racing tips are based on their training and racing regimes throughout the year, but adapted to runners of all levels. Their recipes are based on their favourites and the ingredients that are in season, that provide energy and health benefits, and they cook themselves.

This is the Swedish version of the book.

Authors: Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson, Mimmi Kotka
Graphic Design: Pernilla Qvist
Illustrations: Max Romey
Editor: Malin Bergman
Publisher: Charlotte Gawell

264 pages