Our Vision

We wish to provide natural, vegan and truly nutritional foods and food supplements from unrefined & sustainable sources filled with energy & love.

In doing so – we want to contribute to an increased knowledge & consciousness about the benefits of a healthy, sustainable and holistic lifestyle.

Moonvalley’s philosophy isn’t complicated – make amazing products we want to eat ourselves.

It really is as simple as that.

Another thing that’s simple is what we make our products from – real organic wholefood. Our list of ingredients doesn’t require a masters degree in molecular nutrition to understand (although Mimmi, one of our founders, has one of those. More on her, Ida and Emelie – our trio of world-class athletes from Sweden with a not-so-lagom* obsession with all things outdoors, healthy and sustainable later.)

For now, know this – at Moonvalley we like keeping it real – real food, real tasty, real nutritious.

Earth. Plant. Food.