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Moonvalley partnership - Plogga

We are proud to present our partnerships and co-labs that we have at Moonvalley. 



We have teamed up with Plogga - a growing global movement founded in Sweden, with the simple idea to pick up garbage and jog. The name is an acronym of the swedish words for picking and jogging—'Plocka och jogga'.
Plogga was founded by our old friend Erik Ahlström, an outdoor legend who brought not only Plogga to live but also started many classic adventure races,  and played a big part in growing the interest for trailrunning in Sweden. 


The ambition is to get more people to take responsibility and to become "Proud litter pickers". Everyone can make a difference no matter where you live and how much or little you do. It is also about creating the right attitudes for future generations. 


”It´s not my trash, but it´s my planet.” – Erik A.

We could not agree more with Erik on that part. So let's make it a mission to leave the trails cleaner than we found them! 


Start Plogging—be a hero!


Read more on Plogga here



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