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Emelie Forsberg

It was growing up in "Höga Kusten" that gave Emelie her first taste of the outdoor life. It was those hills and forests that piqued her curiosity for the environment and wild places and led her to move to Norway to study biology, climb, ski and work in mountain huts. It's safe to say it was love at first sight. Emelie's curiosity knows no bounds and has led her to, amongst countless other things, become a world-class trail runner, attempt to climb an 8000-meter mountain, work as a baker, learn how to farm vegetables, write a book and become a yoga teacher. Luckily for us, that insatiable lust for new experiences also included starting her own food company!

Emelie describes herself with these words;

I was born and raised on the east high coast of Sweden.
The wild forests and the small hills where my playground and that´s where my fascination for nature and environment begun. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time rock climbing and skiing that brought me to the mountains where I fell in love. The mountains took my heart away and ever since then I have loved skiing, running or climbing in them.

On the side of my mountain passion, I studied biology, worked in the mountains and ran as much as I could on my spare time. In 2012 I started running professionally and since then I have been running races all over the world and loved every bit of them.

Running is so much more than just a hobby!

You can find Emelie´s Instagram here

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