Organic Energy Bars - Mixed box of 20

Organic Energy Bars - Mixed box of 20

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Heaven for anyone who wants it all! The perfect way to try all flavors and find your favorite. Or simply when you want to stock up on the whole Moonvalley palette of flavors. This is a box of 20 bars with 4 bars of each flavor; Chocolate & Seasalt, Apple & Cinnamon, Red beets & Orange, Cardamom and Lemon & Ginger. 

Our organic Oats & Dates bars are the result of us asking the simple question, “what would our dream bar taste like?” The combination of organic oats and organic dates sets the stage for a great tasting bar packed with carbs (energy)  and a delightful sweetness. 

For us that’s the perfect nutritional base for long days in the mountains - then it was just a matter of dialing in our favorite tastes. We really hope that you will like them all- we sure do! Sometimes it is even hard to choose because you want them all. 

For ingredients and nutritional value, go to the pages for the different bars as listed above.