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Organic Endurance Fuel - Black Currant - Pack of 12

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The Moonvalley Organic Endurance Fuel will keep you hydrated, ‘sodiumated’ and no doubt, motivated to keep on keeping on — kilometer after kilometer. This is the flavor Black Currant. 

We didn't start Moonvalley to be just another sports nutrition brand — we want to shake up the apple cart and do things differently, in our unique way.

Our organic sports drink mix is a testament to that belief. Both varieties of Moonvalley Organic Endurance Fuel are not just berry-flavored — they're berry, they're very berry, in fact.

Real organic berries that grow on bushes — juicy and filled with goodness. You get the idea, right? 

Organic powder sugar, organic maltodextrin, organic fruit powder (Black Currant), sodium chloride, acidifier (citric acid (E330)), potassium chloride. 97% organic ingredients.

Allergen info: no allergens

100 g/ 45 g:

Energy:1509 kJ - 361 kcal / 679 kJ -163 kcal

Fat: 0,3 g / 0,1 g
- of which saturate: 0  g / 0 g

Carbohydrate: 85,3 g / 38,4 g
- of which sugars: 51,3 g / 23,1 g

Fibre: 6,2 g / 2,8 g 

Protein: 1,1 g / 0,5 g

Salt: 2,3 g / 1 g

Chloride: 1,63 g / 0,7 g

Potassium: 236 mg / 106 mg

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